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Partnership Changes Everything

Why Partner with The Sending Place?


The cost of the joyous task before us is larger than any one community of people. We at The Sending Place, are privileged to play our part as we serve the Lord’s purposes in expanding His Kingdom. In His wisdom, the Lord has ensured that the path to fulfilling this vision of sending firebranded believers into the nations is only through the Body of Christ coming together and building together as a family. Become part of this prophetic story—together we can strengthen and further the movement of God's Kingdom upon the earth!

"We're committed to helping people change their lives!"

What Is a Partner?


A Partner with The Sending Place is someone who knows that they are a part of what God is doing in the nations of the earth. A Partner is one who prays faithfully for the work and makes a commitment to give a specific amount on a regular basis to support our ministry to the Lord and to His people. This can be done through monthly, quarterly, or annual partnering. You may choose the amount of your commitment, or your one time gift.



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