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Church Planting Training

Is God calling YOU to plant a church?

Is God calling you to plant a church? This is the central question to whether you will be successful or not in your endeavor to plant a church. Getting the right answer to this question is only the beginning. The first thing you need to do is get trained from church planters who have already successfully planted before you and are willing to impart the information needed to be successful.

At The Sending Place to the Nations all of our trainers have planted successfully and are ready to provide real time, field tested, biblical based approach to planting a healthy church into the subculture God has called YOU too.

Gain the confidence, knowledge, and strategies you need to become confident to follow God down the church planting path.

Where We Work

Mission Mandate: 100 movements in 100 nations.

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North America

Central America




North Africa

Middle East & STANS

East Africa

West Africa

South Africa

Southeast Asia

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Why TSP Training?

  • All of our trainers have front line experience

  • Be confident your church is on a healthy foundation of God's Word.

  • You will learn the steps to organize the launch of your church

  • Take the guess work out of what to do to be successful

  • Learn to bring God's voice into every step of the process

  • Connect with like minded apostolic leaders

  • Benefit from ongoing training and support

  • Connect to a church planting family of kingdom minded believers

  • Gain awareness of pitfalls to avoid

  • Develop a written plan

  • Learn biblical church planting principles

How can The Sending Place to the Nations be of help to you in your church planting journey?

Where do I start?

Start with contacting us initially through our contact form on this page. We'll set up an outreach call to determine next steps and where you are at in the process.

Training & Services are FREE

Congratulations on taking next steps to get equipped for your church planting journey. We are so glad you are here and look forward to being a part of your journey.






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